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I am a night owl through-n-through.  I never thought I would become a morning person, but unforeseen circumstances has proven me wrong.  I love early mornings when the sun is peeking up over the mountains.  I love seeing the low clouds cover the valley.  This morning I had the wonderful experience of seeing a rainbow in one part of the valley and the beautiful orange morning sky on the other side of the valley.

Breeding season is wrapping itself up.  The barn has quieted down and the Coopworth crew is content. Let us take a walk through the barns.

I cannot wait to share the upcoming patterns and new yarn colors ways.  They are revealed in the video.

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Staying Connected with Lazy O Ranch Vlog #2

Grab your favorite drink and your WIP.  Join me for a minute and lets talk wool.

I can’t wait to share with you my Raggz fiber Arts goodies, knitted projects I have finished and ones that are still WIP, new wooden bowls, and where you will find us in our last shows of the season.

I immediately apologize for the poor lighting and my slow speech.  I have always been a slow speaker.  Haven’t a clue why.  LOL!

If there are any subjects that you would love to see, leave a comment below or email me at

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A Simple Statement of Style

by DawnAurora on 10:59 AM

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A Simple Statement of Style

One of my biggest dreams is becoming a knitwear designer.  I had always envisioned living out in the mountains (kind of like I do now), surrounded by a couple of corgis and my family.  I designed my special places in and around the house that I decorated with things that I loved and I would sit, knit and write.

Well, things certainly never started out that way.  I used to crochet snowflakes, doilies and table runners.  I wanted to pursue becoming a designer.  I loved exhaust  ways to manipulate stitches and arrive with many splendid unique varieties of doilies.  I since then left that dream lie not only to be awaken at this stage in my life.

My arrival to this chapter has definitely taken some twists and turns.  First, I moved  down state with 3 young kids in tow.  I then  married  to the love of my life (so far 9 extremely happy and strong years), having one more little baby very soon after getting married.  We then decided to buy Coopworth sheep to support my habit and that lead into making yarn.  Then the yarn lead into the love of dyeing yarn, vending at festivals and finally I have arrived at knitting my own patterns.

Through all these years I have knitted my own patterns, but never took it serious.  That dream of designing that laid dormant came to the forefront.  It didn’t want to slumber anymore.

Like I said, I have been designing all along.  There are some projects that I need to maneuver through my pattern notes.  That within itself is quite a journey.

So, this pattern that I have created is one that my commitment to pattern making supersedes my impatience with writing detail.

This past year, I had some 2 ply worsted weight yarn made with my Coopworth.  It turned out beautiful.  It’s subtle brownish grey  that when over dyed with bright blues, reds and oranges turns into a rustic looking yarn that is meant for autumn and winter.  It is absolutely my newest favorite yarn ever.  It even has become quite popular at the shows and I only have a handful of skeins left and I am trying not to hoard all of them and sneak them into my stash.

Here is my completed project. I enjoy slow fashion that embodies a simple statement of style.

This lace ribbing was so much fun to knit up.  I extended the ribbing along the sides to create a slimming effect.

This ribbing is also in the neckline and arms.

I really enjoyed creating this pattern.  I am looking for test knitters for it.

Shoot me an email if you are interested in becoming a test knitter email:

Take a look at more of our 2 ply coopworth yarns. 

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It’s so difficult to capture true colors of beautiful yarn. The best way to try is to seize the golden hour times during the day. It’s those moments where the sun’s light is perfect for taking pictures.
Our open back porch is the perfect place to grab the sun’s rays.  I am normally greeted by a slew of playful kittens, cackling chickens and a bouncy Australian Shepherd.  Today, it was our cutie, Jean-claude, that rested peacefully on the porch without anything to bother her.  She just lazily lifted her eyes towards me looking like she didn’t care about what I was doing.

Out came my pile of new colorways and wooden bowls.  I was in a hurry.  I had to catch that perfect hour.  Nothing was in my way.

Click! Click! Click!  (Not really.  I was using my daughters digital camera. =))

I was down to my last object.  A beautiful yarn bowl my hubby hand turned.  It was placed well in to the light box and I turned around to grab the camera and the next thing I saw was this.

She, I guess, wanted to be part of all the commotion I was making.  Her look was one of belonging.  It was her rightful place to be among all of my action.

That was fine with me.  I couldn’t resist taking a couple of shots with her.  Even though I was in a hurry, I had to remind myself to step back and enjoy what was going on around me.

There is always time to take kitty pictures. =)

Plus, you can take a look at our new yarn colors and bowls. Click here.

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My Poor Sheep are Melting

It has not been a very hot summer, but when the temperature creeps into the hotter. normal summer temps they start to get very uncomfortable. I mean like breathing heavy like they ran the marathon and looking like they want to pass out.

Between the hot sun beating down on them as I keep them out in the pasture when I clean their stall and their blankets, they roast.  Any attempt at gaining shade is essential on their list even when the shade only covers their cute face.

We (us and including the sheepies) cannot wait until we have wool-y weather.  That means we are yearning for temperatures that require wool.  These temperatures beg for you to get out your wool sweaters, hats, cowl and the essential wool socks.  The temperatures lure you into starting many, many projects.  It’s the greatest time of all.

We, wool sheep farmers, go to extra lengths to keep the precious fiber clean.  But we realize how our sheep feel having an extra layer on top of their coats. Providing plenty of shade, fans and clean water is a must to maintaining our happy herd.  Plus, by providing cleaner wool we put our sheep in the lime light. I love showing them off.

As you can see, my dearest Inga has some grass stains and a wad of something on her.  Who knows what the crew has been up too.  There definitely is some sheeping around.

Happy sheep creates happy yarn.

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It’s Time to Wake Up and Make the Donuts

Grange Fair is here!  Welcome the familiar fair smells of fried foods, animals barns and we can’t forget the tractor or truck pulls.  This year wasn’t any different from the others except my son, Octavio, and my daughter, Oksana, and I all work the donut stand.

We wake up at the glorious hour of 4:45 a.m. to roll down to the grounds to make beautiful, yummy donuts.  We can’t resist test tasting some before they fly out the window.  It’s quite a transition from selling wool and fiber at fiber festivals.  It’s absolutely fast and furious.  Sometimes the line seems so long that it looks like there is no end in site. I love it!


My favorite part about working the donut stand is that I work along side my son. ( My daughter works a different shift.)  We work so well together.  I learn so much working along side of him.  I see how he is transforming from a boy into a gentleman.  He gets along well with everyone and he loves to serve people.  I am so very proud to be called his mom.

Have a great week!

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Coopworth: Our Sheep of many Colors

by DawnAurora on 8:17 AM

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Coopworth: Our Sheep of Many Colors

It’s amazing what you can learn from sheep.  I have seen mother’s adopt other babies.  I have seen mother’s put their frisky lambs in place.  I have also seen their social interactions.  You can see best friends stick together and enemies steer clear of each other.   You can tell who leads and who the last one is in the pecking order. Their is always one extremely loud bellower in the bunch and there is the one who is timid and quite a bit flaky.  Our sheep amaze me.  We never have a dull moment.

Besides their unique and quirky behavior, they have their own beautiful and natural colors.   When I look over my herd, I see warm shades of grey, tans and white.  Their color is one of the many things that drew me to the breed.

I always refer to them as my sheep of many colors.  When I look out over my field, I see it decorated with color (yes, and some with their coats =)). I embrace the their natural tones.  My knitted sweaters transform into rustic, warm pieces that remind me of pioneer times.  Times where in order to have color you used natural dyes.   It completely fascinates me.

I think that it’s time to slowly introduce you to the crew (our sheep family).  You will come to love them as we do.

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August 1, 2017

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Can They Get any Cuter

July 13, 2017

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