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I been having way too much fun.  It’s definitely not a hard day of work, but a fun and exciting day.  Creating new colorways and color blends make my heart happy.

With spring on the horizon, variations of eye popping blues, soft yellows and bright greens come into play.  Purples, greys and dark navy blues also thrown into the mix.  The cooler colors dominate as the days lengthen.

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Happy Knitting,

Dawn Aurora


Take Your Knitting on an Adventure

by DawnAurora on 2:07 AM

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Take Your Knitting on an Adventure

Your knitting journey is one to enjoy.  It’s to create a grand adventure where you surround yourself with knitting tools that you love.  Your tools have the ability to cheer you up even through the most frustrating and painful  mistakes.

It took me awhile to realize how easy  projects become when you have the right tool.  I would try to fashion certain devices out of plastic containers, twisty ties, paperclips, and other handy household items.  They would do the trick in that instant, but what I found out is that I enjoy my knitting more when I have creative instruments to work with.     I’ve gone from using twisty ties to mark my rows to using beautiful knit stitch markers.  I can’t fathom turning back and neither can my knit projects.

Here is my list of favorite knitting tools:

    • Stitch Marker Containers-  These are so much fun.  You almost can make anything container a stitch marker container.  I have used metal Altoid tins and pill boxes, but these are my favorite.
  • Knit Stitch Markers- They come in 2 categories.  The first are the easy plastic ones.  These are so handy.  You can move them anywhere and collect any color you want.  The second category are the handmade or cute ones.
  • This is the first yarn bowl that my hubby had ever made.  He made it for my birthday last year and it continues to be my favorite ever. It has cherry mixed with walnut layered in the body of the bowl.  The shape is very simple. 
  • I call this nifty instrument a pattern holder.  This comes in so handy to keep all my current project notes and patterns in one place.  The hedgehogs create a bit of whimsy.  Love it!! Thank you, Stephanie, from Rock Solid Designs.
  • Because I am on the go a lot, I need my tools to be efficient and small.  These 2 styles of scissors fit the bill.  They may not be able to conquer cutting a pom-pom, but they are perfect for snipping a couple threads.
  • This year I finally jumped on the band wagon and bought not 1, but 2 project bags.  I couldn’t resist and the fabric patterns were perfect.  Thank you , Wanda, from Twisted Yarn and Fiber Bags.
  • Another fun discovery was this dpn needle holder by Twisted Yarn and Fiber Bags.  I keep this dandy tool in my purse holding a no brainer sock project.  I never and I mean never leaves my purse.  It is strictly car knitting material. ( The sock color is my)
  • This book light is so handy. I do a lot of late night knitting, so when my hubby wants to go to bed I get my book light and keep knitting.  Isn’t that what we live for?  The ability to knit through any circumstance, hazards and scenarios.
  • Love, love, love this notions bowl.  This bowl follows me around the house to care for knitting needles I don’t need at the moment, sewing needles, row counters and even chocolate. My hubby made this for me out of elderberry.
  • I never thought I would travel with a ruler, but through experience I notice you cannot eyeball your projects.  These tape rulers are so handy and the perfect size.  I picked up one from a fiber show and the other I picked up at PSU’s Ag progress days.
  • This my last one for now and definitely not least.  I have here a handy dandy needle gauge.  My needles are so disorganized and not numbered well.  I am constantly using this tool to measure my needles.  One of these days I will get smart and take care of my needles better, but for now this tool will have to do the trick.

These are my tools that enhance my knitting journey and inspire my creativity.  I enjoy surrounding myself with nice tools.

What are some of your favorite knitting tools?  What do you use the most.

Happy Knitting,



Knitting Keeps Me From Unraveling

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Knitting Keeps Me From Unraveling

Does knitting keep you from unraveling?

I can’t survive without having a project in my bag, or a project next to me or my knitting in my hands.  If my knitting is left behind, my company better be aware of any pending crises.

I have a pair of socks going in my handbag, two sweaters in my bedroom, and two shawls in my knitting bags.  Any and all crises are diverted because of having a simple knit project ready and available for my hands.  It is oxygen to my soul and comfort to my mind.

What does happen when you don’t have a knitting or crocheting project readily available?  Let’s take a explore at the potential outcomes to this dire situation.  We will uncover the truths and the myths behind the crazy knitter who needs their yarn, needles and projects.  No one shall be left behind.

There are 3 stages that fully portrait the necessity of knitting and crochet projects.  These aren’t stages are to be taken seriously, and to completely understand the workings of a knitters mind.  Keep in mind that the stages may overlap, but as the stages become more severe, the reactions become worse.

The Three Stages:

  • Stage 1– Let’s call this the mild stage. If a knit or crochet project is forgotten when they leave the house, but they have to drive or are busy with something these reactions will occur.  They will be overwhelm with urgency to hurry through their day until they have their project in hand.  They are very unfocused and can’t remember why they left the house in the first place.
  • Stage 2– We will call this the moderate stage.  If they fly out of house and can’t go back in knowing that they will be sitting idle for a couple hours before they return, these reactions will occur.  They remain unfocused, but they will start to become quite agitated with anything in their surroundings.  They won’t settle down and relax.  Everything looks like a gigantic mountain and the only way they can tackle it is by getting their knit or crochet projects in their hand.
  • Stage 3– Simply put, the severe stage.  The best thing to do is stay clear and give the knitter or crocheter room to breath.  This is when they accidentally leave the house for a couple days or more without their projects and they can’t go back in to retrieve.  They don’t have access to any LYS or sheep.  All hope is lost at this point.  Prayer needs to intervene to get them through those trying days.  They completely zone out and are in another galaxy entirely.  They are unresponsive to their surroundings and are deemed vegetative.

You know that I can’t leave you without giving a slight list of what to do.  Avoidance is pivotal if you want to keep the happy knitters productive and on top of their game.

  1. Use your spare time wisely and prepare your projects one, two or even three months in advance.  Get your yarn and patterns around.  Place them in a easily accessible spot so you can grab and go if necessary.
  2. Have at least five projects going and no less.
  3. Have a variety of projects, such as, sweaters, shawls, socks, and toys.  It’s great to have a variety of easiness.  It’s easier to knit “no brainer” projects at knit parties, in the car or any place where you can’t focus well.  Save your harder projects for those times where you can completely devote your focus on.
  4. Make a weekly check of your projects in your purse, project bags and important areas of the house.  When you finish one project replace it with another.
  5. Ensure you are never without a knitting outlet. It does not always mean that you need to have a physical project with you — although it is preferred. Create a stash of knitting and crocheting magazines in your car’s glove box, your bathroom, your purse and/or backpack.

This simple and short list is to protect you from unraveling.

What do you do now to keep you raveled?

Happy knitting,




Let Our Homesteading Year Begin

The beginning of our new year marked the time when we start planning for the upcoming seasons.    If you are a mom, you plan for colds and getting all the remedies around to keep your family healthy.   If you are a sheep farmer, you plan for shearing, lambing, health maintenance and rotational grazing methods.  If you are a gardener, you plan for seed germination,  greenhouse growth then planting in the garden.

This year nature has dealt us a frosty blow, due to the “bomb cyclone”. (Doesn’t sound very friendly)  As the Pennsylvania temperatures dipped down to the single digits when the wind chill factor hits, I forged ahead with garden plans.  I needed to figure out what we want to plant this year, check out our seed supply and prepare my cute greenhouse for plant life.




Our vegetable list is made and our seeds are ordered.  The remaining “to-do” is prepare the greenhouse.  This is my absolute favorite part.  Whenever I work in my greenhouse, my stomach is attacked by excited little butterflies.  I get the same feeling whenever I clean out my barn.  My kids think I am crazy, but I know eventually they will feel the same way.

I have buckets, potting soil, and pots to clean and put away.  Then comes the stove area that needs cleared and tidied.  We don’t want anything to catch fire.  Then I will be stacking wood up outside to make keeping the stove running efficient.

I can’t wait to show you the finished result.

Have you planned out your gardening year yet?  Let me know what you are up to in the comments below.

To a productive New Year,








Farming, Fiber Shows, New Indie Dyed Yarns

I am a night owl through-n-through.  I never thought I would become a morning person, but unforeseen circumstances has proven me wrong.  I love early mornings when the sun is peeking up over the mountains.  I love seeing the low clouds cover the valley.  This morning I had the wonderful experience of seeing a rainbow in one part of the valley and the beautiful orange morning sky on the other side of the valley.

Breeding season is wrapping itself up.  The barn has quieted down and the Coopworth crew is content. Let us take a walk through the barns.

I cannot wait to share the upcoming patterns and new yarn colors ways.  They are revealed in the video.

Watch now!





Staying Connected with Lazy O Ranch Vlog #2

Grab your favorite drink and your WIP.  Join me for a minute and lets talk wool.

I can’t wait to share with you my Raggz fiber Arts goodies, knitted projects I have finished and ones that are still WIP, new wooden bowls, and where you will find us in our last shows of the season.

I immediately apologize for the poor lighting and my slow speech.  I have always been a slow speaker.  Haven’t a clue why.  LOL!

If there are any subjects that you would love to see, leave a comment below or email me at lazyosheepranch@gmail.com.

Happy Knitting,



A Simple Statement of Style

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A Simple Statement of Style

One of my biggest dreams is becoming a knitwear designer.  I had always envisioned living out in the mountains (kind of like I do now), surrounded by a couple of corgis and my family.  I designed my special places in and around the house that I decorated with things that I loved and I would sit, knit and write.

Well, things certainly never started out that way.  I used to crochet snowflakes, doilies and table runners.  I wanted to pursue becoming a designer.  I loved exhaust  ways to manipulate stitches and arrive with many splendid unique varieties of doilies.  I since then left that dream lie not only to be awaken at this stage in my life.

My arrival to this chapter has definitely taken some twists and turns.  First, I moved  down state with 3 young kids in tow.  I then  married  to the love of my life (so far 9 extremely happy and strong years), having one more little baby very soon after getting married.  We then decided to buy Coopworth sheep to support my habit and that lead into making yarn.  Then the yarn lead into the love of dyeing yarn, vending at festivals and finally I have arrived at knitting my own patterns.

Through all these years I have knitted my own patterns, but never took it serious.  That dream of designing that laid dormant came to the forefront.  It didn’t want to slumber anymore.

Like I said, I have been designing all along.  There are some projects that I need to maneuver through my pattern notes.  That within itself is quite a journey.

So, this pattern that I have created is one that my commitment to pattern making supersedes my impatience with writing detail.

This past year, I had some 2 ply worsted weight yarn made with my Coopworth.  It turned out beautiful.  It’s subtle brownish grey  that when over dyed with bright blues, reds and oranges turns into a rustic looking yarn that is meant for autumn and winter.  It is absolutely my newest favorite yarn ever.  It even has become quite popular at the shows and I only have a handful of skeins left and I am trying not to hoard all of them and sneak them into my stash.

Here is my completed project. I enjoy slow fashion that embodies a simple statement of style.

This lace ribbing was so much fun to knit up.  I extended the ribbing along the sides to create a slimming effect.

This ribbing is also in the neckline and arms.

I really enjoyed creating this pattern.  I am looking for test knitters for it.

Shoot me an email if you are interested in becoming a test knitter email: lazyosheepranch@gmail.com

Take a look at more of our 2 ply coopworth yarns. 

Happy Knitting,





The Rush of The Golden Hour

September 1, 2017

It’s so difficult to capture true colors of beautiful yarn. The best way to try is to seize the golden hour times during the day. It’s those moments where the sun’s light is perfect for taking pictures. Our open back porch is the perfect place to grab the sun’s rays.  I am normally greeted by […]

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August 31, 2017

  My Poor Sheep are Melting It has not been a very hot summer, but when the temperature creeps into the hotter. normal summer temps they start to get very uncomfortable. I mean like breathing heavy like they ran the marathon and looking like they want to pass out. Between the hot sun beating down on them as […]

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This Week it’s all about the Donuts

August 24, 2017

It’s Time to Wake Up and Make the Donuts Grange Fair is here!  Welcome the familiar fair smells of fried foods, animals barns and we can’t forget the tractor or truck pulls.  This year wasn’t any different from the others except my son, Octavio, and my daughter, Oksana, and I all work the donut stand. We wake […]

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