It’s Time to Wake Up and Make the Donuts

Grange Fair is here!  Welcome the familiar fair smells of fried foods, animals barns and we can’t forget the tractor or truck pulls.  This year wasn’t any different from the others except my son, Octavio, and my daughter, Oksana, and I all work the donut stand.

We wake up at the glorious hour of 4:45 a.m. to roll down to the grounds to make beautiful, yummy donuts.  We can’t resist test tasting some before they fly out the window.  It’s quite a transition from selling wool and fiber at fiber festivals.  It’s absolutely fast and furious.  Sometimes the line seems so long that it looks like there is no end in site. I love it!


My favorite part about working the donut stand is that I work along side my son. ( My daughter works a different shift.)  We work so well together.  I learn so much working along side of him.  I see how he is transforming from a boy into a gentleman.  He gets along well with everyone and he loves to serve people.  I am so very proud to be called his mom.

Have a great week!

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Coopworth: Our Sheep of many Colors

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Coopworth: Our Sheep of Many Colors

It’s amazing what you can learn from sheep.  I have seen mother’s adopt other babies.  I have seen mother’s put their frisky lambs in place.  I have also seen their social interactions.  You can see best friends stick together and enemies steer clear of each other.   You can tell who leads and who the last one is in the pecking order. Their is always one extremely loud bellower in the bunch and there is the one who is timid and quite a bit flaky.  Our sheep amaze me.  We never have a dull moment.

Besides their unique and quirky behavior, they have their own beautiful and natural colors.   When I look over my herd, I see warm shades of grey, tans and white.  Their color is one of the many things that drew me to the breed.

I always refer to them as my sheep of many colors.  When I look out over my field, I see it decorated with color (yes, and some with their coats =)). I embrace the their natural tones.  My knitted sweaters transform into rustic, warm pieces that remind me of pioneer times.  Times where in order to have color you used natural dyes.   It completely fascinates me.

I think that it’s time to slowly introduce you to the crew (our sheep family).  You will come to love them as we do.

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My favorite get away with the family is none other than the tried and true, old fashioned camping get away. You get all the excitement in one trip from burning your sibling with a stick, peeing behind “trees” (actually tall grass you can see thru), a black snake slithering into your camper, fishing woes, biking accidents, eating so much camping food til it comes out your ears, catching your shoes on fire, accidentally drinking out of what you thought was gingerale and it turned out to crick water that contained a couple of dead minnows. My gosh! The list rolls on and on. Each one of our trips is memorable and quite quirky.

And we love it!

I find joy in knowing the camper is my special space.  I decorate it with things that bring me happiness and joy.  I know the kids like to snuggle in after a hard day of playing.  Yes, I do bring a DVD player so we can all watch together.  It tops off their night time after making a pile of s’mores and playing hide and go seek.

Here are some items that are a must in my ’62 Shasta camper.

Adirondack style salt and pepper shakers are a great way to add the rustic feel to your picnic table or camper table.  I picked up this cute pair at a garage sale for around $3.00. My hubby loves this style and so I couldn’t resist.

Another item that I acquired that fits perfect with our camping trips are these napkin/silverware holders.

They have a retro vibe going.  It ties perfectly with our camper. It is another garage sale find.

Last but not least.  A great way to add your touch are through pretty towels.  Now I did not pick this up at a garage sale, but it is a design by Pioneer Woman that I really enjoy.  The picture isn’t the greatest, but that is the original stove to our camper.

A lot of our items are garage sale finds.  We stick to a budget to decorate and find some amazing items that fit the feel of the family and the camper.

Happy Camping,





The Maker’s Journey

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The Maker’s Journey

Playing with wool or any other yarn-y medium is an art.  From shearing wool, cleaning, combing, spinning and down the line it all adds up to one glorious beautiful skein then project.

Is there a part of the journey that you adore?  Is there a part that you would skip?

When I start any project, I envision what I would look like in it, how it would feel, the style etc. So, the end is my ultimate goal.  I have soon learned to enjoy every step.  The slow, beautiful process that takes place.  It relaxes me and trains me to live a little slower.  Take time to smell the roses or should I say “smell the yarn”.

Yarn wound for an upcoming vest project


Doing some cables on the body of my fall sweater


Gave these pillows an update with new hand sewn cases


My wardrobe is even slimming down.  I absolutely love and enjoy slowly decorating my shelves with sweaters, skirts, scarves, hats and mitts with projects that I have spun and knit up.  Calm and peace overflow from within and grace my household.

Yes, from little comes much.  I am a better business owner, mom, wife because I am choosing to take the time to slow things down and enjoy.

What do you do?

Happy Knitting,





Can They Get any Cuter

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Crazy over Coopworth Sheep

This year’s breeding goal- smaller herd of lambs.  I never thought I would say such a thing.  Standard thinking is the bigger the herd the better.  Enter in-> a new way of thinking.

Due to the size of our land there wasn’t  way I could possibly achieve my goal of having a nice, big herd of sheep.  I have crunched the numbers and attempted strategies that flopped.  It all came down to keeping it simple silly.  Yes, KISS.  The size of our property couldn’t handle the animal load.  We would be reduced to feeding loads of hay and grain.  It’s not my ideal farming practice.

We had a total of 7 beautiful lambs. None were rejected, all gaining weight  and all  acclimated readily to their surroundings.  Normally we would have 12 to 15 lambs drop in one season. During this lamb overload, we kept many farmers happy by purchasing their hay before it even hit the ground.


I am so happy to show off my little herd.  Each little lamby is near and dear to my heart.  They nuzzle my hand as only they can do. They tell me when they are hungry and when I am taking too long to feed them. They run me over without a blink in their eye if I am too close to whatever it is they are running too.  They keep me company and entertain.

This is what sheep farming is all about.

Happy Wool-y Day,





Lazy O Ranch Vlog #1

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Lazy O Ranch Vlog #1

Hello and welcome to my first ever vlog.
Join me as I  journey  through sheep farming, knitting projects, and new indie hand dyed and painted colors.
Today, I talk about my current knitting projects, the project my little boy thinks I should be doing, my new colorways on Etsy and where our next show will be held.


Feast Your Eyes on these Hand Dyed Vibrant Yarn Colors

Okay! Truth be told. I am very attracted to autumn colors. Autumn is my absolute favorite season and the beautiful hues of reds, browns, yellows, greens and oranges come with it. Plus, I think fall matches my skin tone the best.

As an indie dyer, I have to think out of my color comfort.  So, I  started creating colorways for all seasons. This posed quite a challenge. It was a welcomed challenge that pushed me to think beyond my own style and look at what else is out there. Oh my! There is an amazing world of colors to be explored.
I started taking pictures of fields, barns, brick walls and nature to strive for those colors. We’ve only seen the beginnings of what could be.  My brain is overloaded with colors.  I love it!

I am so excited to announce that my new colorways will be posted in our etsy shop tomorrow (6.30.2017)
Here is a little tease.

I can already see beautiful shawls, crazy socks and creative sweaters. What can you see yourself making?

Happy Knitting,



The Mysterious Colorway

June 29, 2017

  The Mysterious Colorway I was so excited about dyeing up this colorway. I already had an idea planned in my head how I wanted it to look. I was aiming for a cottagy feel where the cool shades of peach would meld into the warm shades of moss green and deep magenta. Keep reading […]

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Get Away to the Frederick Fiber Festival

June 28, 2017

Earlier this month we set up a booth at the Frederick Fiber Festival in Frederick, MD.  The booths spanned both indoors and out.  The indoor vendors had wonderful air-conditioning and the outdoor vendors were housed in this most amazing  giant, white big top tent.  The showed was filled with glowing  fiber enthusiasts ready to shared their experiences and […]

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I Found my Fade Shawl

June 23, 2017

  I Found my Fade What a great shawl to knit. “Find your Fade” made it through my knitting group and a couple of us collaborated on colors and schemes to make it happen. It took me awhile to come up with my colors. My style if fairly simple with normally one or two colors […]

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