7 Tips For Tackling A New Sweater Pattern

by DawnAurora on 10:46 PM

in Knitting Basics

One of my favorite things to knit is the sweater.  I enjoy wearing my accomplishment after it is done.  Sometimes during my sweater making journey  my project stops short of the grand finale.  ACK! 🙂 I have made it as far as knitting the front, back and one sleeve.  I ran out of yarn.  I went to the LYS where I purchased the yarn.  The knew the yarn was discontinued, but they called the company to see if they had any skeins laying around.

My story ends with the unraveling of the sweater.  The yarn was knit into a more suitable project.

Here are 7 tips to avoid obstacles that may stop your project cold.

  1. Find the right needles – Find the right needles that give you then correct gauge for the project.  This will relieve pattern headaches and counting.
  2. Make a swatch – take the time to make one.  It is very important to know how the yearn works when washed and used.
  3. Make sure you understand the directions – There is nothing like starting your project then immediately stumbling upon a road block.
  4. The design fits your body type – It would be very disappointing to invest all your time then find out it doesn’t look right on you.  The only way to avoid this problem is if you know how to customize sweaters.
  5. Buy enough yarn for the sweater project
  6. Have another knitter in your corner –  Sometimes when you come against an obstacle it is easier trying to figure out directions with someone else.  My hubby is not someone I can bounce it off from.  I usually end up reading the directions out loud 7-10 times then I attempt the direction.
  7. Have all your yarn taken from the same dye lot

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