And the Knitting Needles Keep Clacking

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And The Knitting Needles Keep Clacking

It’s a cold day in December.  The knitting needles were clacking away furiously to meet the Christmas deadline.  An earth tone, all natural colored little boys sweater was being born.   The labor pains were great and the excitement of end of the journey was coming near.

Was the sweater knit in time?

First, the body was formed.

Then, the sleeves.

Afterwards, the arms and body were joined completely on the round.  Raglans style sleeving was added then the neckline.

I was so excited and so was my little Oren.  He loves all the knit sweaters his mommy makes for him.  I blocked the sweater, wrapped it with love and watched him open the package with frenzy.  The sweater was out and on.

Then this happened.

No, this couldn’t be.  I thought the neck was the correct size. Let’s try this again. We will make it work.  And….

Good golly!  His head must have grown.

Now let the frogging begin, but luckily only down about an inch.  I will accept that.


And here is my Oren in his new sweater.  He couldn’t wait for me to bind off the neck granted this was my 3rd time attempting it.  I haven’t a clue what I was thinking.


Couple of sweater notes:

  • It was knit up using our farm to hand, Coopworth sheep yarn.
  • I used our 3 ply, DK weight which lasts for a long time and can take wear and tear.
  • Go and grab yours here.

Happy Knitting,

P.S.  Don’t forget to grab your earth tone yarn here.


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