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My favorite get away with the family is none other than the tried and true, old fashioned camping get away. You get all the excitement in one trip from burning your sibling with a stick, peeing behind “trees” (actually tall grass you can see thru), a black snake slithering into your camper, fishing woes, biking accidents, eating so much camping food til it comes out your ears, catching your shoes on fire, accidentally drinking out of what you thought was gingerale and it turned out to crick water that contained a couple of dead minnows. My gosh! The list rolls on and on. Each one of our trips is memorable and quite quirky.

And we love it!

I find joy in knowing the camper is my special space.  I decorate it with things that bring me happiness and joy.  I know the kids like to snuggle in after a hard day of playing.  Yes, I do bring a DVD player so we can all watch together.  It tops off their night time after making a pile of s’mores and playing hide and go seek.

Here are some items that are a must in my ’62 Shasta camper.

Adirondack style salt and pepper shakers are a great way to add the rustic feel to your picnic table or camper table.  I picked up this cute pair at a garage sale for around $3.00. My hubby loves this style and so I couldn’t resist.

Another item that I acquired that fits perfect with our camping trips are these napkin/silverware holders.

They have a retro vibe going.  It ties perfectly with our camper. It is another garage sale find.

Last but not least.  A great way to add your touch are through pretty towels.  Now I did not pick this up at a garage sale, but it is a design by Pioneer Woman that I really enjoy.  The picture isn’t the greatest, but that is the original stove to our camper.

A lot of our items are garage sale finds.  We stick to a budget to decorate and find some amazing items that fit the feel of the family and the camper.

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