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Crazy over Coopworth Sheep

This year’s breeding goal- smaller herd of lambs.  I never thought I would say such a thing.  Standard thinking is the bigger the herd the better.  Enter in-> a new way of thinking.

Due to the size of our land there wasn’t  way I could possibly achieve my goal of having a nice, big herd of sheep.  I have crunched the numbers and attempted strategies that flopped.  It all came down to keeping it simple silly.  Yes, KISS.  The size of our property couldn’t handle the animal load.  We would be reduced to feeding loads of hay and grain.  It’s not my ideal farming practice.

We had a total of 7 beautiful lambs. None were rejected, all gaining weight  and all  acclimated readily to their surroundings.  Normally we would have 12 to 15 lambs drop in one season. During this lamb overload, we kept many farmers happy by purchasing their hay before it even hit the ground.


I am so happy to show off my little herd.  Each little lamby is near and dear to my heart.  They nuzzle my hand as only they can do. They tell me when they are hungry and when I am taking too long to feed them. They run me over without a blink in their eye if I am too close to whatever it is they are running too.  They keep me company and entertain.

This is what sheep farming is all about.

Happy Wool-y Day,




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