Crochet Projects

Episode #2 Learn How To Double Crochet

May 1, 2013

Episode #2 Learn How To Double Crochet Dawn Shaffer Were you able to understand the single crochet? Each crochet stitch is a building block and foundation for the next.  Once you understand the basics you will understand the rest. The double and single crochet used in combination with each other create funky textures.  Once you […]

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Episode #1 Learning Single Crochet

March 7, 2013

Episode #1 Learn How to do Single Crochet Dawn A. Shaffer When I first started teaching my girls to crochet this is the stitch they learned.  Once you get this one, everything else falls into place and is very easy to understand. Are you ready to be crocheting before this video is finished? Get your […]

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How To: Make Crochet Flowers – Basic Steps To Make It Simple For You

April 24, 2010

Do you want to make crochet flowers, but don’t have a clue about how to do it correctly? Then you need to know how to make crochet flowers using some basic steps that will make it simple for anyone to make as many flowers as you like.

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