Come Join The Pregnancy Fun

by DawnAurora on 12:00 AM

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Come Join The Pregnancy Fun

It’s time! It’s time!  Let us pull of our sleeves and start preparing for the upcoming lambie births.  We have a month and a half left of 2018’s pregnancies.  Preparation includes placing the ewes on an advanced feed program, gathering iodine, blankets, food grade lime,  weighing scale, heat lamp (just in case), alfalfa hay and building individual ewe and lamb bonding stalls.  This list is just the beginning.  There is a lot more to the preparation for.

The mid-pregnancy month is very tricky because the babies are taking a lot of nutrients from the mama.  Mama’s health is so important to the health of the little one.  The mama has to be in tip-top shape to meet their ferocious  needs.  Being over weight or under weight, lacking important minerals and not getting enough energy from food can cause detrimental effects on both of them. So, our focus is their feed ration and health.

Delphine is in the middle.  Because she is so petite, you can really see her baby bumps.

Druscilla is on Delphine’s right and it looks like she has a baby bump.  Difficult to see with the lighting in this picture.

This is our spicy Priscilla.  Her pregnancy is difficult to see right now because of her build and this is her first year as a potential mama.  Her fleece is absolutely gorgeous.

They need their daily exercise.  It’s just as important as their nutritional needs.   Making them walk to their mineral bin, and hay feeder are great ways to push them outdoors.  They are not at the waddling stage yet, but soon they will be.   I purchase sheep minerals in a tub that contains molasses.  They go ‘sheep-wild’ over that.  They even end up with molasses mustaches.

We cannot forget their mani-pedi.  Keeping their hooves groomed is just as important as all these other things.  Uncomfortable footing may cause them to not want to eat or drink enough to meet their needs, they will not want to go outside to get their daily exercise and the pain causes undo stress on both the mama and baby.  Foot health is a must.

I really enjoy pampering my sheep crew.  Who can resist those cute faces, fluff and baa-ings.  The happier the crew, the healthier they are and the happier the farmer.


Have a Wooly Day,

Dawn Aurora





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1 DawnAurora February 10, 2018 at 2:30 AM

Wow! March is just around the corner. I can’t wait to see you. Yes, you need to come back here and see all the girls and hopefully the farm will be in full lamb mode. Thanks so much for enjoying this blog. =) I do enjoy writing, but I don’t write well. lol! Missing you.

2 Wanda February 8, 2018 at 10:07 PM

Hi Dawn.

Love this blog! I’ll be home by March 1 so I’d love to come to your farm for a day to help out. I need some good barn smells. 🐑. Will be in touch.

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