Coopworth: Our Sheep of many Colors

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Coopworth: Our Sheep of Many Colors

It’s amazing what you can learn from sheep.  I have seen mother’s adopt other babies.  I have seen mother’s put their frisky lambs in place.  I have also seen their social interactions.  You can see best friends stick together and enemies steer clear of each other.   You can tell who leads and who the last one is in the pecking order. Their is always one extremely loud bellower in the bunch and there is the one who is timid and quite a bit flaky.  Our sheep amaze me.  We never have a dull moment.

Besides their unique and quirky behavior, they have their own beautiful and natural colors.   When I look over my herd, I see warm shades of grey, tans and white.  Their color is one of the many things that drew me to the breed.

I always refer to them as my sheep of many colors.  When I look out over my field, I see it decorated with color (yes, and some with their coats =)). I embrace the their natural tones.  My knitted sweaters transform into rustic, warm pieces that remind me of pioneer times.  Times where in order to have color you used natural dyes.   It completely fascinates me.

I think that it’s time to slowly introduce you to the crew (our sheep family).  You will come to love them as we do.

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