Episode #1 Learning Single Crochet

by DawnAurora on 7:46 PM

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Episode #1 Learn How to do Single Crochet

Dawn A. Shaffer

When I first started teaching my girls to crochet this is the stitch they learned.  Once you get this one, everything else falls into place and is very easy to understand.

Are you ready to be crocheting before this video is finished?

Get your yarn and hook ready to quickly learn this essential crochet stitch.  This stitch is foundational to any project.

The stitches are tight together that will even allow you to cross stitch a picture.  I use this one a lot because the stitches have a firm feel and it doesn’t come out feeling like it has many holes.

Happy Crocheting,


P.S.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have fun!








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