Exposing my #Knittruth

by DawnAurora on 2:41 AM

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Exposing My #knittruth

I have a #knittruth.  I am very biased towards using my own sheep’s wool for sweaters, hats and mittens.  I am so in awe of producing my own yarn that I find it difficult to want or need anything else.  Ack!  I said it.

Seriously, who can resist the warm, natural colors of wool.  When my sheep produce it, that makes it even more amazing to me.  I am still in awe of the whole process.

When it comes to knitting I enjoy the natural colors.  When I say enjoy, I mean weep tears of joy, get butterflies in my stomach, and have the facial expression of absolute sheer bliss.   Raising sheep reminds me of a simpler time of slow fashion and knitting for necessity. FYI:  Coopworth wool was used a lot in making Gansey sweaters which were 5 ply Coopworth sheep yarn that created sweaters made to endure harsh weather on fishing boats.

Classics, natural, enduring beauty are my thing.  Let me show you why.

Who can resist these faces. =) Here we have Ezmerlda (left) and Estelle (right).

From left to right.  Priscilla, Ireland, Evelyns (butt), Pablo, Delphine and Grace laying in the back.

Here is a taste of the raw fleece and the natural colors that they exhibit.  The Coopworth has a staple length of around 7 inches and extremely lustrous. 

Here is one of my many projects using natural colors that are on queue. This is a super long shawl/scarf that uses all of our natural colored skeins.

So, there we have it.  My #knittruth is out there for all to see.  I still drool over colors and color combos, but this will always be my heart’s choice.

Happy Knitting,


P.S. With me knitting sweaters and vests right now, these skeins won’t last long.  Get yours now!



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