Fiber Festival Comes to Town

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Fiber Festival Comes to Town

Dawn Shaffer


(Isn’t this picture beautiful.  I absolutely love yarn. The yarn up top is called core spun yarn.  Great for making rugs. )

Have you ever been to a fiber festival?

I had the great pleasure of visiting one with my two daughters.
You immediately walk in amongst beautiful skeins of yarn, drooling at everything you see, and  looking at the latest yarns and what they are making with them.

Mohair looks to be a hot item and honestly I love knitting with mohair myself.

The new yarn I am seeing here in this area is core spun yarn show in this picture on the top shelf.  They use it to make durable rugs.


The fiber fest had a special area for knitters and spinners fellow-shipping with each other.  They had stories “knitted” into their projects. (That is a bit eloquent if I do say so myself)

My daughter, Ossi, is looking at some drop spindles.  Do you spin with a drop spindle?


This was my favorite skein of yarn.  I love those colors.  The skein was appropriately named “Rooster”.

favorite skein

 By the time we left I had made some new knitting and crocheting friends and  I was filled with so many project ideas that I wanted to hurry home and write them down in my project book.  I cannot  wait to see what I come up with.


What fiber shows do you like to attend?

 Happy Knitting and Crocheting,


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