Reflections from a Sheep Farmer

by DawnAurora on 2:18 PM

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It is a beautiful snowy morning here on the mountain.

The horses are chasing each other around  the mountainside. My youngest son is making snow angels in the yard, and my daughter is playing ball with our dog, Nellie, who is leaping through the snow trying to find it.
My life is at it’s most perfect state.

I am holding my “Rocky Tumbler” gigantic mug, sipping my morning coffee, loving every minute of this view. I am at peace with my life , not wanting the moment to change.  I know it will change.  Life must move on. We don’t live in a frozen moment, but in a collection of many moments.

More of these moments need captured.  I want to capture moments of working alongside my family, doing our farm chores, listening to their stories and hearing their laughter.  I want to be their for them when their world is falling apart.  I want to be there to experience every single moment.  Just to slow down my life to enjoy and take part in theirs.  My life is not alone.  My life is knitted with theirs.

I know if I build my life upon beautiful moments like this, my life will be full.  I am so grateful for these times of reflection.  Yes, these peace-filled and calm moments may pass, but that feeling of gratitude will stay with me even during those tough times.

Every day I am so grateful for the life lessons that my family teaches me.  I am grateful even when there are hard times working with the kiddos, wanting to preserve their innocence and fight for their life.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Live Life Fully,


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1 DawnAurora January 25, 2017 at 8:02 PM

Hey my friend! Thanks so much. =) I cannot wait to share more of our farm life with you.

2 Rita January 25, 2017 at 6:10 PM

Beautiful sentiments spoken with such beauty! You could sense that stillness of that moment just reading it!
Love it!! ❤👍

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