Let Our Homesteading Year Begin

by DawnAurora on 3:05 AM

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Let Our Homesteading Year Begin

The beginning of our new year marked the time when we start planning for the upcoming seasons.    If you are a mom, you plan for colds and getting all the remedies around to keep your family healthy.   If you are a sheep farmer, you plan for shearing, lambing, health maintenance and rotational grazing methods.  If you are a gardener, you plan for seed germination,  greenhouse growth then planting in the garden.

This year nature has dealt us a frosty blow, due to the “bomb cyclone”. (Doesn’t sound very friendly)  As the Pennsylvania temperatures dipped down to the single digits when the wind chill factor hits, I forged ahead with garden plans.  I needed to figure out what we want to plant this year, check out our seed supply and prepare my cute greenhouse for plant life.




Our vegetable list is made and our seeds are ordered.  The remaining “to-do” is prepare the greenhouse.  This is my absolute favorite part.  Whenever I work in my greenhouse, my stomach is attacked by excited little butterflies.  I get the same feeling whenever I clean out my barn.  My kids think I am crazy, but I know eventually they will feel the same way.

I have buckets, potting soil, and pots to clean and put away.  Then comes the stove area that needs cleared and tidied.  We don’t want anything to catch fire.  Then I will be stacking wood up outside to make keeping the stove running efficient.

I can’t wait to show you the finished result.

Have you planned out your gardening year yet?  Let me know what you are up to in the comments below.

To a productive New Year,







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