How To Knit: Casting On

by DawnAurora on 11:22 PM

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How do you get the yarn on the needle?  This is done by casting on.  Casting on lays the foundation of your project.  As with any foundation you want each stitch unit spaced well, lay  nice, and establish the width of the project.

There are a couple of ways to cast on.  One is called the half-hitch cast-on, long-tail cast on, long-tail cast on using thumb loops, and knitted cast on.  What kind do you use?  It depends on what your intentions are with your project.

I will quickly describe what each cast on method does.

  • Half Hitch Cast On – This is one of the easiest methods to learn, but the stitches are not very stable.  You won’t have a very stable foundation to work with.
  • Long Tail Cast On –  This is a very elastic and stretchy cast ons.  I use this for my socks.  This method works great.
  • Long Tail Cast On Using Thumb Loops – The result is the same as the long tail cast on.
  • Knitted Cast On – This uses both needles.  This methods produces a very rigid foundation.

I am going to show you the long tail knitting to cast on.

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