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by DawnAurora on 12:31 AM

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cleanrovingI decided to go on a little color trip. I have has this roving and have done many cream colored projects. It is time for me to break lose from cream and step into color.

The color I chose was cantaloupe.  I was just in an orangey mood.  I thought that fresh orangey shade was beautiful.

I would say the whole process took approximately 45 minutes. I am shooting for a cantaloupe swirl type look.

I am using the dye called Country Classics – Dyes for wools, silks and nylon.  Make sure that you clean the roving in hot water and cloths detergent when you use this dye.


  • After you clean the roving rinse well and squeeze out excess water then place it into your boiling water.


  • I put a little bit of vinegar into my water because our water contains quite a bit of lime.


  • I have chosen to sprinkle dye right on top of  the roving before placing it into the boiling water.  I was shooting for a mottled effect.
  • You would normally put the dye right into the water itself.


  • To create a consistent look throughout your roving you gently stir the roving in the dye bath making sure you do not disturb the fibers otherwise you will have to comb the fibers out.
  • This is the finished look.  I did not get the mottled effect I was looking for, but I love the look of the cantaloupe dye.  It is so pretty
  • To get the mottled look I want I am going to have to mix in some cream color roving.



This was a fun project.  I have quite a few more color recipes that I want to play with.    What are some of yours?

Many Blessings,


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