How To Use a Drop Spindle

by DawnAurora on 11:25 PM

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I love my drop spindle. It is fun to use and cheaper than a spinning wheel (*aff). One of these days I will get a wheel, but I will stick to my drop spindle for now. An added plus to a drop spindle is that you can take it anywhere.

I remember my first time using a drop spindle of sorts. It was during my vacation bible school week ages and ages ago. The teacher gave us some roving, a potato and a stick. I went to town spinning that potato. My yarn ended up longer than me.

I actually won an award for spinning the longest yarn. I knew at that moment I was destined to spin yarn. Surprisingly I didn’t pick up the drop spindle until about 15 years ago and to top that off I never was serious about spinning yarn until now. And now I just love it. I wished I had kept at this fun art.

Have fun spinning your fiber.
Many Blessings,
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