It’s Shearing Season at Lazy O Ranch

by DawnAurora on 1:08 AM

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It’s Shearing Season at Lazy O Ranch

January marks the month that we, or should I say I, start shearing my crew.  I am definitely not your regular zip-zip-zip sheep shearer.  I am the one who can do 4 in an hour and need to take a couple of days off.  Shearing 4 sheep in a day is my limit.  My back will tell me to knock it off if I chose to push it.  As long as our herd stays small I can handle the task.

Let me tell you a little secret.  Shearing their entire body doesn’t happen in one sitting.  It takes me a two shearings to make their ‘wool-do’ complete.  The ewes’ are not particularly happy with me when they undergo their glam transformation in two tries.  I try to remind them that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  (It really doesn’t help.)

The big question…

Is my sheep crew hurt in the process?  Absolutely not.  This part I am pretty happy about.  Because I am a novice, my cuts may not be as true as they should be.  By giving myself and the sheep time, I am able to shear without shock.  I wished I could become more professional at it, but if they are happy then I am happy.

Another aspect that is really nice about this procedure is that I can go out and get wool whenever I want to.  Hey, I need some roving made.  I can walk right out and choose grey or white.  What a great feeling.

When I shear in January, I can tell if they are pregnant.  It helps me manage the crew accordingly.  Lambing season is coming right up and a close eye needs to be kept on my darlings.

Eunice is a bit turned off by her lion mane.

Charlotte is so NOT happy with me. She won’t even look into the camera.

Whoops!  I missed a spot on Druscilla.  Poor thing!  I bet Pablo is laughing at her.

The first shear is the most important one.  I basically cut their saddle area and leave the rest for the second cutting.  This helps save on my back and not get too tired for the rest of the appointments.  This is where your yarn and roving come from.  I need it to stay as clean as possible.  If my girls don’t have coats, the wool get dirtier as the winter season goes on.

I know it would be a lot easier to make an appointment with the pro, but I do enjoy the entire process.  No other feeling beats the enjoyment I receive from being hands on with my crew.

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1 DawnAurora January 30, 2018 at 12:14 AM

Hey Wanda =) ,
I wish you were home too. The weather has been so warm lately.
It’s a bit tricky to shear, but they soon settle. You would love to help out and just talk to them as I do my thing.
I know the girls would love if you did.

2 Wanda January 27, 2018 at 10:03 PM

Love seeing the girls! Wish I was home to help you.

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