This Week it’s all about the Donuts

by DawnAurora on 7:21 AM

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It’s Time to Wake Up and Make the Donuts

Grange Fair is here!  Welcome the familiar fair smells of fried foods, animals barns and we can’t forget the tractor or truck pulls.  This year wasn’t any different from the others except my son, Octavio, and my daughter, Oksana, and I all work the donut stand.

We wake up at the glorious hour of 4:45 a.m. to roll down to the grounds to make beautiful, yummy donuts.  We can’t resist test tasting some before they fly out the window.  It’s quite a transition from selling wool and fiber at fiber festivals.  It’s absolutely fast and furious.  Sometimes the line seems so long that it looks like there is no end in site. I love it!


My favorite part about working the donut stand is that I work along side my son. ( My daughter works a different shift.)  We work so well together.  I learn so much working along side of him.  I see how he is transforming from a boy into a gentleman.  He gets along well with everyone and he loves to serve people.  I am so very proud to be called his mom.

Have a great week!

Happy Knitting,


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