How To Make Beaded Knitting Stitch Markers

by DawnAurora on 7:00 AM

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sanaknitmrkrsI saw beaded knit stitch markers about a year ago at this yarn shop in my area. I thought what a great idea. Since I had all the beads and wire from jewelry making adventure,  I figured I would give try making my own.
Well, it was my oldest daughter that actually took over making knitting markers for me. I didn’t have any time to make some of my own so I told her to have a go. I let her have at it and boy she took off.

She made me the coolest dozen of beaded knit stitch markers. I had seen at the shop where they were the same style for a dozen. Each knit marker had different beads attached.
What I used to secure the knitting marker to the stitch was a claw hook clasp.

What she actually made were knit or crochet row markers to help me count my rows. I didn’t realize that there were stitch markers. Stitch markers are a loop that can fit on your knitting needles and stay in place while you knit. I had a heck of a time trying to imagine what and why you would have them until I saw how they were used.

Knit stitch markers come in very handy when you are knitting socks and you need to have a marker placed when you turn the heel.  It helps me know where my gaps are.

I wanted to make some of my knit stitch markers.

Materials for making your own knit stitch markers. You can go to any craft store or in your own home to find these.
This is how I made mine. I wanted to add a little bead to mine and I also wanted the marker to be flexible if I decided to use it as a row marker.

  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Beads
  • Simple Findings For Jewelry


  • The loop circles act just like key rings
  • Loop the circles onto your claw hook


  • Cut the wire to length
  • String on your selected beads
  • Start to bend the wire at the end
  • Take your loop and place it into the bend
  • Bend the wire the rest of the way


  • Here is your finished unique knit stitch marker


  • These are large claw hooks I have them on size #2 knitting needles
  • The large claw hook can go on a knitting needle as big as size # 11
  • What is great about having a claw hook is that you can take off the marker in the middle of your row if you choose to not use it or you can place it in the middle of your row.  You don’t have to wait


Make your knit stitch markers uniquely yours.  I enjoy using the designs that my daughter or I come up with and it doesn’t break your piggy bank.

Many Blessings,


If you have any questions about making your own knit stitch markers come and join us at our social forum at Learn To Knit N Crochet

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