Fun Fact Friday: Knitting Socks Machine

by DawnAurora on 7:00 AM

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Take a look at this Gearhart knitting machine from 1924. Can you imagine how many socks you could roll off if you had one of these.

This knitting machine fascinated the kids and I. I do still prefer to knit socks with my hands, but if the family wanted a pair in a day then this knitting machine would be the ticket.

This knitting machine makes toes, heals and even ribbing. I wish they had posted a picture at the end of what the sock looked like. It probably looks like a normal sock.

I still prefer the traditional knitting with needles and by hand method. That method will never go out of style. Sock knitting machines are still alive and going. You can also knit gloves, hats, stockings, sweaters, baby items. The machine is pretty versatile.

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