How To Use Knit Stitch Place Markers

by DawnAurora on 11:23 PM

in Knitting Basics

I know knit stitch markers have been around for awhile. I first saw a set at a yarn shop here in my town. They were so pretty. I wanted to make a set of knit stitch markers for myself.

I had made a set and use them more like a row marker. I am not one to count rows and lose track very quickly. Well, I loved these markers because I could go every 10 rows and place a marker. I kept pretty good track of my rows.

Little did I know what this nice knitting jewelry was used for. I didn’t realize they helped you keep track of your stitches. I have used them every since to help me out with keeping track of the gap when I turn a heel.

Here is a quick video of knitting stitch markers in action.

How do you use your markers? Have you made any markers yourself?
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