How To Make Felted Soap

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Felted Soap Tutorial

The Dirt On Making Felted Soap

Are you a hands on type person?

I am to a fault.  Doing something with my hands is almost required all the time I am awake or I get really tired and fall asleep.

I literally took many naps during class in both my high school and college years.  After almost um-ty years I finally figured out why I slept so much.  Taking a lot of information and not doing anything very constructive with my hands put me into a comatose state.

I seriously thought there was something wrong with me.  Full time jobs were difficult if they didn’t keep my hands busy.  The best job I ever had was  a vet technician.  We tackled something new everyday and it kept my hands busy.

Now my chosen career, silicone mold maker, is a dream come true.  It has all the aspects of a business that I completely thrive in and I also get to play around with candle and soap making.  Whoop!  It is a win, win situation and I earn a living.

I now get to include my natural fiber and soap love all in one.  This is the next best idea since sliced bread. Not really, but it is pretty super and super easy.

Let me know how your felted soap project turns out.  Have you ever felted soap before?

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