The Maker’s Journey

by DawnAurora on 1:50 AM

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The Maker’s Journey

Playing with wool or any other yarn-y medium is an art.  From shearing wool, cleaning, combing, spinning and down the line it all adds up to one glorious beautiful skein then project.

Is there a part of the journey that you adore?  Is there a part that you would skip?

When I start any project, I envision what I would look like in it, how it would feel, the style etc. So, the end is my ultimate goal.  I have soon learned to enjoy every step.  The slow, beautiful process that takes place.  It relaxes me and trains me to live a little slower.  Take time to smell the roses or should I say “smell the yarn”.

Yarn wound for an upcoming vest project


Doing some cables on the body of my fall sweater


Gave these pillows an update with new hand sewn cases


My wardrobe is even slimming down.  I absolutely love and enjoy slowly decorating my shelves with sweaters, skirts, scarves, hats and mitts with projects that I have spun and knit up.  Calm and peace overflow from within and grace my household.

Yes, from little comes much.  I am a better business owner, mom, wife because I am choosing to take the time to slow things down and enjoy.

What do you do?

Happy Knitting,




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