My Grand Rabbit Idea And Its Wool

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Sana4hshowMy daughter has a pair of Jersey wooly rabbits that are adorable. They are her 4-H project and she won 2nd place with her grey/black rabbit and 4th with her white rabbit. This was her first time participating in a 4-H show.

Our intention was to buy an angora rabbit so we could spin with the fibers. I have had angoras before and you really have to keep on top of combing their coat otherwise you have a giant rest nest.

We did a little research and heard all about Jersey Woolies and how their coat doesn’t mat like the angora rabbits. For this being my daughters first time caring for a rabbit and not knowing how much time she would invest into her rabbits I thought this would be the better route.


A Jersey Wooly is a cross between an angora and a holland. They weight full grown between 2-3 lbs. So, they are a pretty small compact rabbit with lots of wool.

Reading a little more into Jersey Wooly’s they aren’t the spinning rabbit of choice. That is okay. We have pulled some of the wool from the rabbit off and intend to see what we come up with.  I am going to mix it in with Coopworth sheep wool.  Right now Coopworth is my wool of choice.

Here is a little history on these cute rabbits.

Jersey Wooly rabbits were first introduce to the A.R.B.A  convention in 1984 by Bonnie Seeley of Highbridge New Jersey and in 1988 the rabbit became a recognized breed.  Bonnie Seeley’s goal was to develop a pet rabbit with wool that was easier to care for then its counterparts the Angora rabbits.

The Jersey Wooly’s wool is one of the most important aspects.  The standard showing guidelines require that they have a long coat, with a large ration of guard hairs  to the fluffier under wool.  These long guard hairs prevent the wool from matting easily.  There cousin, the angora rabbits, have a larger ratio of long hair to guard hair encouraging matting.

My daughter enjoys the Jersey Wooly.  She has found that they are very docile and easy going personality.  She takes her rabbits for a walk on the leash or you can find her grooming them.

The wool from Jersey Wooly is very soft and through experience you will have to mix it with a wool that is more course.  I made a scarf from nothing, but angora wool for my mom awhile back.  It was the neatest scarf.  I gathered my rabbit wool, cleaned it, combed it, spun the wool with a drop down spindle and knit mom a scarf.

She ended up with a lot of the wool in her mouth.  It was kind of cute, but at the same time ticklish.  Looked like she just ate a rabbit.

My advice is if you are interested in wool from your rabbits, Jersey Wooly’s  are great.  Definitely make sure you spin the rabbit wool with some sheep or llama wool.

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