The Mysterious Colorway

by DawnAurora on 6:00 AM

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The Mysterious Colorway

I was so excited about dyeing up this colorway. I already had an idea planned in my head how I wanted it to look. I was aiming for a cottagy feel where the cool shades of peach would meld into the warm shades of moss green and deep magenta. Keep reading to see the final outcome.

It was absolutely perfect in my head until I started making it happen. Some areas bled together and looked murky. Some areas were to bright and I didn’t want to completely take out all the peach.
Needless to say I was bummed.
I let the skein dry and I figured I would knit one of my girls a pair of ugly socks.
After letting it dry a month I took a peek. Huh! It doesn’t look too bad. I wound it into a center pull ball and wow it’s looking even better.
Okay the next step. I started knitting up a pair of socks and WOWZA! Absolutely in love.

Yes, I want to put this colorway in my lineup, but I have a slight problem. I didn’t write my notes down.
Now to re-create the ugly sock colorway.
Experimenting is my thing and I am going to enjoy the process.

Happy Knitting,

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