New Lambing Season

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February is the month we start making preparations for the arrival of our precious lambs in March.  Exciting times are upon us.  It’s the sheep version of harvesting.  We love seeing all the color variations of the Coopworth sheep.  Who can resist white, black, dark and light greys, oatmeal and natural.


It’s time for us to gather our towels, make sure we have iodine, and a working weight scale. The lambing pens need prepped for ewe separation and private bonding time with their little ones once they lamb.  And for those ewes that prefer to lamb in the wee morning hours, we need to make sure we have adequate lighting.

We have saved colostrum from last year’s lambing season and  purchased milk replacement for those “just in case” moments. We can never be “too” prepare. There isn’t any such thing in the farming world.

Our beautiful pregnant ewes are all sheared. Underneath all their wool, their bellies are growing bigger letting us know of the upcoming arrival.  It is quite noticeable whether they are carrying one or two lambs.  Their comfort is top priority right now. It’s funny how the hormones play during these last weeks because they are quite calm.

Their nutritional needs have been upped to high quality hay, grain, sprinkled with some food grade lime. We started using food grade lime 2 years ago and it has reduced the amount of pregnancy toxemia and other ailments down drastically.  One of the many things that we have learned on our shepherding journey.

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