Our Herd is Multiplying

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Our Herd is Multiplying

The days between January and March are our most joyful and sometimes heart wrenching months. Our ewes are due with their precious lambs. The last weeks are the most critical and demanding on our Coopworth ewes.

The whole family-all 6 of us-  wait in anticipation. A variety of names have been chosen to be placed on the babies. We can’t wait to see our rainbow of sheep colors.

This lambing season holds a very special story of one of our ewes who we thought couldn’t have babies and our beautiful ram that was with us only 1 year.

Our ewe Matilda had aborted suddenly last lambing season. It took a toll on her body. We thought she couldn’t carry. We decided to keep her as a stall mate with our ram. They got along so well. You wouldn’t believe how upset they got when they were separated.

Right before lambing season, Igor went down and never recovered. We lost him.

Fast forward 60days later. Matilda, who we thought was barren, surprised us with this little bundle of joy.

Meet Lazy  ‘O’ Ranches Declan. He was 6 lbs. when he  was born and gained 2 lbs. at his 24hr. Weigh in.

He is quite a character. I am happy to say that he will be continuing his father’s legacy.

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