Pulling Wool From A Jersey Wooly Rabbit

by DawnAurora on 11:22 PM

in Wool From Jersey Wooly Rabbits

When I had my first English Angora rabbit I was nervous about pulling. I never saw how it was done and when I purchased my rabbit I never asked. The only thing I knew was that I didn’t have to buy a pair of clippers. I kept my eye on my rabbit and waited until I thought the wool would start to fall out. Then I started to pull and out came the wool and no harm to the rabbit.

As part of taking care of a wool making rabbit we have to pull the wool from the Jersey Wooly when they are ready. You can tell when they are ready by trying trying to pull their wool out. The wool will easily come out into your hand.

My daughter and I put together a quick video of how to pull wool out of her Jersey Wooly Rabbit.

No rabbits were harmed in the making of the video 😉 . Pulling wool from the rabbits doesn’t hurt them as long as you are pulling when the wool fibers naturally fall out.

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