Return Of The Legwarmers

by DawnAurora on 7:00 AM

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I went to Claire Boutiques with my girls and low and behold leg warmers ready to be bought on the rack.
I never thought they would be back in style.

My first pair were pink and I wore them in elementary school and that was back in the 70’s. Kind of feeling old right now. They were the in thing back in the day. My elementary school classmates all wore them. Then all of a sudden they disappeared. Now 30+ years later legwarmers are back.

I thought how cute and easy it would be to make a pair for my girls. My girls love to wear dresses and with the weather being so cold during the winter, I want them to be dressed up warm. I cannot convince them that pants are the best pieces of wardrobe.

Here are some free legwarmer patterns that I came across:






Have much fun creating your new legwarmers for this cold winter season.

Knit N Crochet Blessings,

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