Sad Morning Here on the Lazy “O” Ranch

by DawnAurora on 12:48 AM

in Our Coopworth Sheep

We woke up this morning to the sound our flock of ewes bleating loudly.  I ran out of the house with anticipation of new cuties getting cleaned off by their mama.  I went down and nothing was to be seen.  Up to the house I went scratching my head  wondering why are they are so noisy.

We went about our morning chores and my daughter came into the house with a horrified look on her face.  I knew something went terribly wrong.

Those dreaded words came out of her mouth.  “Dead lamb”.

Out to the barn we went and sure enough not one, but 2 little lambies did not make it.  Both were black as coal.  Beautiful, beautiful little lambies.

Our hearts sank.  We lifted their lifeless bodies in preparation to have autopsies done to figure out what went wrong.

Even though this was difficult I am grateful that the mama is doing well.  We had a pregnancy toxemia issue with her about 2 weeks ago.  We could have lost all, but we didn’t.  One of the issues that I knew we may have to deal with.  I didn’t know it would be this soon into our young sheep farm.

Now we just wait for the results and keep the poor mommy ewe separate from the rest of the ewes.

It is amazing how much is involved with caring for pregnant ewes.  I went to Penn State, had a job at the beef/sheep center and obtained a degree in Dairy and Animal Science- Production Management.  You read, study and breath about these things when you are in school and come to find out you don’t know anything when a situation comes your way.  I feel you actually learn more when a situation comes your way and you have to work with it.

Here are a couple of sites that I referred to during this situation.

  1. Causes of Stillborn Lambs
  2. Abortion In Sheep


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