Hope to Catch the Wool-y Weather Soon

by DawnAurora on 1:28 AM

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My Poor Sheep are Melting

It has not been a very hot summer, but when the temperature creeps into the hotter. normal summer temps they start to get very uncomfortable. I mean like breathing heavy like they ran the marathon and looking like they want to pass out.

Between the hot sun beating down on them as I keep them out in the pasture when I clean their stall and their blankets, they roast.  Any attempt at gaining shade is essential on their list even when the shade only covers their cute face.

We (us and including the sheepies) cannot wait until we have wool-y weather.  That means we are yearning for temperatures that require wool.  These temperatures beg for you to get out your wool sweaters, hats, cowl and the essential wool socks.  The temperatures lure you into starting many, many projects.  It’s the greatest time of all.

We, wool sheep farmers, go to extra lengths to keep the precious fiber clean.  But we realize how our sheep feel having an extra layer on top of their coats. Providing plenty of shade, fans and clean water is a must to maintaining our happy herd.  Plus, by providing cleaner wool we put our sheep in the lime light. I love showing them off.

As you can see, my dearest Inga has some grass stains and a wad of something on her.  Who knows what the crew has been up too.  There definitely is some sheeping around.

Happy sheep creates happy yarn.

Happy Knitting,



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