Showing experience 2 and one to make you LAUGH

by DawnAurora on 3:37 PM

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Hello everyone! My name is Oksana and I am the daughter Dawn Shaffer. Today, was my second rabbit show.  I am a member of the Penns Valley Rams 4-H club in Central Pennsylvania.  And getting back on track today was my second show EVER and I was nervous.

I was showing my Sr Adult JW doe.  She is a black otter. A BEAUTY! I would have shown my newest member a Jr JW doe, but the rules said that every rabbit I am showing that year has to be bought and in my possession by June 1st of that year. I had bought her 3 days late.  But when I was waiting for my class to be called on deck (a class of 17 people! The biggest of all classes) I had half of her rump hanging over my leg and knowing this rabbit I made a little joke to my mama. “What if she pees on me???… Just kidding she wouldn’t do that.” Then my mama says to me, “Something smells like pee.” I sniffed around and looked down at her and my pants, but nothing was there.  All of a sudden a bunch of kids behind me that were showing also were laughing and making comments like “Awwwww…. that’s gotta suck!” I turn around and ask them what was going on because I was watching and listening very intently to what was happening at the showing table and what was being said. He told me to look down. I did. And she peed… just missing my leg or legs really. Yeah… she was as nervous as I was. We laughed, laughed and laughed!  Then I was up. The judge was a younger fella and he was quick, didn’t THROW or TOSS the rabbit back at you when he is done checking her, and didn’t wear wear short shorts. The guy we had before was the total opposite.  And one other thing. When he was done and had to DQ someone he told YOU ,the rabbit owner, why he DQ you bunny. The other one turned around and told everyone else! UGH! When it came time… the judge came to me and went down the line. He came back and was DQing left and right around me. And moved me twice. But   ended up DQing me at 6th place. Winnie had wool problems that day he said and he also said that she is a bit short.  I walked back to my seat, with my participation ribbon for 6th place. And was happy. Now I know what to breed for.  What fault she has. And I thank the Lord for that day because we all had a good time!

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