A Simple Statement of Style

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A Simple Statement of Style

One of my biggest dreams is becoming a knitwear designer.  I had always envisioned living out in the mountains (kind of like I do now), surrounded by a couple of corgis and my family.  I designed my special places in and around the house that I decorated with things that I loved and I would sit, knit and write.

Well, things certainly never started out that way.  I used to crochet snowflakes, doilies and table runners.  I wanted to pursue becoming a designer.  I loved exhaust  ways to manipulate stitches and arrive with many splendid unique varieties of doilies.  I since then left that dream lie not only to be awaken at this stage in my life.

My arrival to this chapter has definitely taken some twists and turns.  First, I moved  down state with 3 young kids in tow.  I then  married  to the love of my life (so far 9 extremely happy and strong years), having one more little baby very soon after getting married.  We then decided to buy Coopworth sheep to support my habit and that lead into making yarn.  Then the yarn lead into the love of dyeing yarn, vending at festivals and finally I have arrived at knitting my own patterns.

Through all these years I have knitted my own patterns, but never took it serious.  That dream of designing that laid dormant came to the forefront.  It didn’t want to slumber anymore.

Like I said, I have been designing all along.  There are some projects that I need to maneuver through my pattern notes.  That within itself is quite a journey.

So, this pattern that I have created is one that my commitment to pattern making supersedes my impatience with writing detail.

This past year, I had some 2 ply worsted weight yarn made with my Coopworth.  It turned out beautiful.  It’s subtle brownish grey  that when over dyed with bright blues, reds and oranges turns into a rustic looking yarn that is meant for autumn and winter.  It is absolutely my newest favorite yarn ever.  It even has become quite popular at the shows and I only have a handful of skeins left and I am trying not to hoard all of them and sneak them into my stash.

Here is my completed project. I enjoy slow fashion that embodies a simple statement of style.

This lace ribbing was so much fun to knit up.  I extended the ribbing along the sides to create a slimming effect.

This ribbing is also in the neckline and arms.

I really enjoyed creating this pattern.  I am looking for test knitters for it.

Shoot me an email if you are interested in becoming a test knitter email: lazyosheepranch@gmail.com

Take a look at more of our 2 ply coopworth yarns. 

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