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My Kids Knitting List for Autumn

November 1, 2012

Do any of you continue to knit through the summer?  Me, definitely. I rarely put my needles down.  I knit through traffic, tv, kid fights and anything else that is someone’s distraction. Knitting has not been on the back-burner, but writing has.  Knitting is my anti-depressant pill.  And a little bit of it goes a […]

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Knitting Socks: I Finally Took The Plunge

October 29, 2009

I admit I am a novice knitter.  I do have a couple sweaters under my belt.  One knit sweater in particular being literally three times my size.  I should have checked the gauge before I invested in all that yarn.  I find my comfort in crocheting. I am here to tell you do not be […]

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