Take Your Knitting on an Adventure

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Take Your Knitting on an Adventure

Your knitting journey is one to enjoy.  It’s to create a grand adventure where you surround yourself with knitting tools that you love.  Your tools have the ability to cheer you up even through the most frustrating and painful  mistakes.

It took me awhile to realize how easy  projects become when you have the right tool.  I would try to fashion certain devices out of plastic containers, twisty ties, paperclips, and other handy household items.  They would do the trick in that instant, but what I found out is that I enjoy my knitting more when I have creative instruments to work with.     I’ve gone from using twisty ties to mark my rows to using beautiful knit stitch markers.  I can’t fathom turning back and neither can my knit projects.

Here is my list of favorite knitting tools:

    • Stitch Marker Containers-  These are so much fun.  You almost can make anything container a stitch marker container.  I have used metal Altoid tins and pill boxes, but these are my favorite.
  • Knit Stitch Markers- They come in 2 categories.  The first are the easy plastic ones.  These are so handy.  You can move them anywhere and collect any color you want.  The second category are the handmade or cute ones.
  • This is the first yarn bowl that my hubby had ever made.  He made it for my birthday last year and it continues to be my favorite ever. It has cherry mixed with walnut layered in the body of the bowl.  The shape is very simple. 
  • I call this nifty instrument a pattern holder.  This comes in so handy to keep all my current project notes and patterns in one place.  The hedgehogs create a bit of whimsy.  Love it!! Thank you, Stephanie, from Rock Solid Designs.
  • Because I am on the go a lot, I need my tools to be efficient and small.  These 2 styles of scissors fit the bill.  They may not be able to conquer cutting a pom-pom, but they are perfect for snipping a couple threads.
  • This year I finally jumped on the band wagon and bought not 1, but 2 project bags.  I couldn’t resist and the fabric patterns were perfect.  Thank you , Wanda, from Twisted Yarn and Fiber Bags.
  • Another fun discovery was this dpn needle holder by Twisted Yarn and Fiber Bags.  I keep this dandy tool in my purse holding a no brainer sock project.  I never and I mean never leaves my purse.  It is strictly car knitting material. ( The sock color is my)
  • This book light is so handy. I do a lot of late night knitting, so when my hubby wants to go to bed I get my book light and keep knitting.  Isn’t that what we live for?  The ability to knit through any circumstance, hazards and scenarios.
  • Love, love, love this notions bowl.  This bowl follows me around the house to care for knitting needles I don’t need at the moment, sewing needles, row counters and even chocolate. My hubby made this for me out of elderberry.
  • I never thought I would travel with a ruler, but through experience I notice you cannot eyeball your projects.  These tape rulers are so handy and the perfect size.  I picked up one from a fiber show and the other I picked up at PSU’s Ag progress days.
  • This my last one for now and definitely not least.  I have here a handy dandy needle gauge.  My needles are so disorganized and not numbered well.  I am constantly using this tool to measure my needles.  One of these days I will get smart and take care of my needles better, but for now this tool will have to do the trick.

These are my tools that enhance my knitting journey and inspire my creativity.  I enjoy surrounding myself with nice tools.

What are some of your favorite knitting tools?  What do you use the most.

Happy Knitting,


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