The Eleanor Messy Bun Hat

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Full of texture and color, this messy bun hat is an eye catcher. It’s definitely a huge hit amongst my daughters and close friends.


My oldest daughter is heading for college this semester and she had to have one of these hats for school.  She is  braving the weather on the eastern side of Pennsylvania.

I had to oblige.  I couldn’t wait to get one of these going on my needles.

They are so easy to knit up.
Materials needed:

  1. Coopworth Wool Dk Weight 175 yards
  2. Size 3 circular and dpn needles (double pointed needles)
  3. Yarn  sewing needle
  4. To make the pattern work on properly, you need to have an even number of stitches


  • Casting on- On your size 3 circular needles cast on 92 stitches
  • Ribbing – knit 1 purl 1
  • Textured Dimple pattern-
    • Row 1- knit 1, slip next stitch onto the needle
    • Row 2- knit 1, slip next stitch onto the needle
    • Row 3- Knit all of the stitches
    • Row 4- Slip stitch onto the needle, knit 1
    • Row 5- Slip stitch onto the needle, knit 1
    • Row 6- Knit all of the stitches
  1. Row 1 to row 10- Ribbing- Knit 1, purl 1
  2. Row 11 – Start the textured pattern- Work this pattern (row 1 to row 6) 8 times or at least until the texture is 5-6 inches high
  3. Row 60- ( Decreasing the hat)Switch to dpns.  20 stitches left of dpns by the end of
    • Row 61- [Knit next 2 stitches, knit 2 tog ] repeat to the end.
    • Row 62- [Knit next 2 stitches, knit 2 together] repeat until 2 away from the end and just knit them
    • Row 63- Knit 2 together all the way around- finish with 20 sts on the dpns
    • Row64 – knit all stitches
    • Row 65 – knit all stitches
    • Row 66 – knit all stitches
    • Row  67- Purl all stitches
    • Row 68- knit and bind off

This is what I made my oldest daughter to enjoy during her college semester.

If you have any questions or need help with the pattern, please feel free to email me at

Happy Knitting,


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