The Elise Tank Top

by DawnAurora on 3:45 PM

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Tanks Are So Easy To Knit For The Summer

Dawn A. Shaffer

This was a very easy tank top to knit up.  I love these kinds of tank sweaters, but I have gotten myself into the habit of sticking to a simple, one style fits all design. Honestly,  I was getting bored with the simple, one style design.  You can only knit so much of these up before you think fast knit designs aren’t always the best.

I have yet to sharpen my skills on lace knitting and cabling, but you have got to start somewhere.  Instead of knitting up a sample swatch, I took charge and inserted a lace design under the bust line.

I will say it is a very simple insert, and it added the right touch of simple.  This pattern won’t overwhelm you with a lot of increases and decreases before or after the lace pattern.  However the pattern of lace will have its yarn overs etc.   It is a straight shot from the bottom up to the lace pattern.

Knit on the circle straight up to the arm hole is one of my favorite ways to knit because it means no seams.

Knitting Materials Used:

I haven’t tested out the directions.  But allow your mind to go wild with ideas.  Do up simple for the foundation and then add flare to a small area using your knit stitch books or knitting magazines for inspiration.

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