WooHoo! My Hubby Bought Me A Spinning Wheel

by DawnAurora on 5:38 PM

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I am so excited to tell you that my wonderful hubby bought me a new Louet S15 spinning wheel.  I am very new to spinning wheels.  Pryor to this mode of spinning was a drop spindle that took forever and a day.  When you have 1 hubby, 4 kids, 6 sheep +, and a whole slew of activities you get to the point that you need to work things efficiently.  This was my efficient way of dealing with fleece that I wanted to spin into luxurious yarn 😉 .

My friend, the owner of our LYS(local yarn store) – Knitters Underground gave me a great deal on this baby.   She knew it needed some parts and got them ordered for me.

What part was missing you might ask?


This part was the ever-so crucial belt drive.  UGH!  I felt bummed, but not hopeless.  I pretty much was impatient that there wasn’t any belt drive to help me get up and running in the first five minutes.  I was so excited about using my new toy.  I searched all over the web to see what this wheel used for a belt drive.  It was a simple polyurethane belt.

What could be used in place of that important piece?

Well, I ran the situation by my husband and he suggested this rubber lining  you insert into the grooves of screen windows.  We went to the local hardware after church and found this.

This rubber hose, I think, is size 165.  Don’t quote me on that though.  It has a hole inside, so we cut it to length, inserted a small nail  into both cut ends of the hose and wound it around the drive band areas of the wheel and bobbin.

Voila!  The wheel is running like a champ thanks to my hubby.  I am on my way spinning yarn from Daphne one of our beautiful, black ewes.

Happy Stitching,


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